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" Make your heart smile,

              and the whole world will smile with you "


Hatha Yoga

The Word Hatha is a combination of two Words from the old hindu language Sanskrit.

“Ha” symbolises the Sun and “Tha” the Moon. So Hatha Yoga focuses on aligning and harmonising these two aspects.    Sun and moon symbolise all things opposite, like hot and cold, dark and light, male and female, and so on…

So the aim of Hatha Yoga is to bring balance into all things that oppose each other, because only then, when every aspect of the human being is in perfect balance, can we find pace and within this peace our true selves.

Hatha Yoga is one of the oldest and most classic styles of yoga which originates from the old hindu scriptures and is practiced till this day in India.

This style of yoga strives towards balance through Asana (Body postures), Pranajama (Conscious breathing exercise) and Meditation (working towards mental stillness)

A very central aspect of Asana are the Sun Salutations, Body postures that are practiced in the Rhythm of your breath. Through the sun salutations and its variations the body is warmed up and prepared for the practice of holding certain body postures, that are designed to release energetic and physical blockages and to guide energy where healing is needed.

Meditation and Pranajama are practices mainly at the beginning of a class, to give you time to consciously arrive in your body and in the present moment. The classes always end with Shavasana (full body relaxation), so that body and mind can process and settle with the impulses given in class.

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Flow Yoga

Yoga in flow, in the flow with your life. 

The core of flow yoga are dynamic movements in sync with your breath. 

So Flow Yoga has the potential of being a rather dynamic and active form of yoga which activates your cardiovascular system, strengthens your body, enhances coordination and balance and helps you thus to fully let go of your everyday thoughts. 

Like the name promises, in flow yoga we strive towards a state of surrender and ease, to surrender into our life faithfully, to accept things as they are, and to let go of anything that holds us back or does us harm.  

So flow yoga can be a rather physical practice but it also has the potential for great transformation in the body and the mind. It gives you the chance to get to know yourself better, to fall in love with yourself, and to live your life guided by peace, faith and love.  

And because yoga is never just a physical practice, the flow classes also start with Pranajama or meditation and end with Shavasana. 

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Yin Yoga

The Yin aspects of life are the moments of calmess, of peace, of relaxation and surrender. 

Yin stands in oppostion to Yang, Yang symbolising all moments of aktivity, of movement of manifestation and in the extreme of stress.  

So Yin Yoga offers a perfect compensation for a very Yang life, which might be full of work, responsebility and high expectations. 

Yin Yoga is avery peacefull and calm form of yoga in which the Asanas (body postures) are held for a little while (3-5 minutes) to give the body and mind time to relax into the pose.

The long holding of the asanas helps the muscles and the joints to gently open up and to release preasure and tension, which  helps the body and the mind to let go of stress and agitation. This creates room for mental and physical flexibility and ease.  

The chosen asanas need no bodily tension, they are all about letting go and opening up, so that the yogi gets the opportunety to lovingly listen within, to breath and be consciously in quietness and peace.

So Yin Yoga is just perfect for you if your life involves alot of work, movement and responsibility and you feel the need to calm down and to recharge. 

This form of yoga also begins with Pranajama or meditation and end with Shavasana. 

Mandala mit Asana

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